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I was going through a picture album on my e-mail the other day and ran across this video of Brett. I remember this like it was yesterday. Brett was 2.5 and we were at my mom's best friends house sometime during the summer of 2006. Brett was very excited that he could name all of his colors.

Usually when a parent records their child doing something "special" they do it because they want to show their child the video when they grow up. This is why I did it.

Not one parent out there ever records their child because they think something will happen to their child, they think that something will happen to them. You see, life is suppose to go like this. Mom and Dad go to heaven first and then the children, years later. But not my life. And not Brett's life. I now find myself watching this video because I can hear Brett. I see excitement on his face. I see his beautiful smile. I see that he knew he was loved. I see that he knew how proud we were of him. And the best part, I see it all through his movement, not from a still picture.

I encourage you all to bring out your video camera and capture those precious moments of your children so you do get to watch them when your child is an adult and watch them through tears of joy.

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