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I am back. I know I have been MIA for a few months and really for no particular reason. Today I thought I would share some pictures and thoughts of my summer.

Ever think your kids don't love each other? Take a picture like this and look at it a couple months later. You won't question it.

Nothing like extended family to hang with on the weekends. Laughter is good for the soul. God couldn't have picked a more perfect place for us. Pictured: Andrew, Danielle, William, Matteo, Lauren, Emma, Caleb, Luke and Baby Jake.

Danielle and Luke (who lives across the street) have been the duo this summer. If you ask Danielle who Luke is she will tell you "My boyfrien". The innocence of two year olds. This is one of my favorite pictures. Who knows, it may be in their wedding slide show! LOL!

And one of my favorite pictures of Chris and I. This was a self portrait at the park. Chris was a great sport this day and went to the park with the family on one of his days off with a bunch of moms and their kids with the mom's group.

Another self portrait of my babies. My greatest blessings in life.

Life is life. I still have bad days, but good days are in their too. Brett would want me to have them. I am now going to counseling once a week and it is helping me a lot. My counselor is wonderful and helps me put things into perspective. Andrew, Danielle and I also go to a support group every other Thursday. Andrew loves it! The next few months are going to be rough - I have several "firsts" that I must endure, but with love and support I will do it, one day at a time and with my little man watching over me. Love you baby.

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